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Want to get away from GDS commitments and liabilities? Want freedom to control your own future while maintaining a competitive revenue stream? Then consider Montrose Travel. Montrose Travel offers a GDS hosting program unlike any other. With our program you get to keep control and ownership of all your clients while maintaining your independence with no guarantees, minimums or potential liabilities. What could be better? At the forefront of industry-leading, emerging technology solutions, Montrose Travel is a loyal partner with Galileo and will be in the future. Be weary of those hosting solutions in the marketplace today that don’t have a long-term Galileo agreement in place and that may FORCE you to change GDS’s in the future. Not only quite costly, but very painful. We’ve been in business for 50 years and are planning now for the next 50. Go with a proven winner. Besides, we’re nice people and fun to work with. Here to help you every step of the way, it never hurts to talk. Contact Us today!

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I begrudgingly made the move from my office of 11 years as the result of 9/11 and the airline commission cuts. Less than 3 months into my new home, I kept asking myself what took me so long?

I was able to make more money, use Montrose Travel's buying power to better service my clients.

My clients love having me be associated with an agency as large as Montrose Travel (#43 in the country makes quite an impact). It is the best move I ever made!

Suelin L.
Corporate Travelers Club