By Emily Peters
Contributing Writer

It’s winter, and cabin fever is real for many of your travel clients. Those in colder climes are dreaming of a mai tai in the south pacific, while those battling another year of drought may dream of snow, thinking, “why can’t there ever be actual seasons in Southern California?”

We’ve got a little Valentine’s Day-inspired love to send their way. Push your winter travelers to hit the road by suggesting one of these five scenic drives for a romantic winter getaway in 2018.


Maui’s “Road to Hana”

Ideal for a longer stay in Maui, the island’s iconic Road to Hana is a tropical labyrinth consisting of bridges, hairpin turns and jaw-dropping scenic outlooks. It’s only 42 miles or so, but takes the entire day—so only suggest it if your clients have enough time to enjoy other elements of Maui’s beauty. To bring? A light backpack, swim gear and towel (yes, even in winter!), walking shoes, a change of clothes, plenty of snacks and water, Bonine (to combat motion sickness) and their cell phone charger or extra camera battery—they’re gonna need it for all the scenic panoramas.

For an added dose of fun, have them download the GyPSy Guide Road to Hana Driving Tour app—this handy audio tour will track their location without using data or wifi, keep them from getting lost AND supplies loads of entertaining stories and tips along the way.

Sedona to the Grand Canyon on the Oak Creek Canyon Road

The Grand Canyon in wintertime is nothing short of majestic. It’s also a heck of a lot less busy than spring and summer, where tour busses and family vacationers can disrupt the serenity of this natural wonder. For a snowy canyon wonderland, we suggest the scenic route: a drive from the Sedona-area to the Grand Canyon via the Oak Creek Canyon road. Famous for its summer stop-offs for hiking, the road is equally stunning in winter with jewel-encrusted tree limbs and the striking red-and-white contrast of snow and rock.

Station your clients in Sedona for a couple of romantic nights in town (Las Posadas is a gorgeous, intimate option) before beginning the 2.5 hour drive the next day. Start early in morning to catch the sunrise through the trees or a bit later to watch the winter sunset over the Grand Canyon. Just be careful of icy roads on the return trip!


Old King’s Highway in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Visiting Massachusetts in the dead of winter? Hear us out. The crown jewel of New England’s summer seaside destinations, Cape Cod empties of tourists in the winter—but not of its beauty.

Old King’s Highway is a rural country round that winds the northern peninsula from Bourne to Orleans. Studded with historic houses, charming local museums and beautiful harbors showcasing the Atlantic in its icy best, this scenic drive is ideal for those looking for a relaxing jaunt through a winter wonderland. Book your clients a bed and breakfast in Sandwich and encourage them to diverge from the main path, stopping off at whatever harbor, cafe or historic landmark that suits their fancy.

What winter destinations have your clients loved? Have a favorite scenic drive of your own? Let us know how you keep your travel clients moving in the winter!


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