Established as a small storefront travel agency in 1956, Leora and Joe McClure, Sr. bought Montrose Travel in 1972 as their retirement career.  Together they developed a $6 million business by cultivating personal relationships with their clients and offering quality products at fair  prices. They raised their children, Andi and Joe, Jr., in the industry, exposing them to many jobs ranging from working in the brochure room  to becoming front line agents and account executives.

Montrose Travel Founders

Montrose Travel Founders Leora and Joe McClure, Sr.

In 1990, Andi, Joe and Joe’s wife Julie purchased Montrose Travel from their parents.  By expanding our product line, the trio developed  Montrose Travel into six unique operating divisions even amid the aftermath of 9/11 and multiple recessions. In 2016, we joined the Corporate Travel Management (CTM) family as their flagship agency in California. Since 1990, we’ve grown from $6 million to $300 million, are 100% debt-free and still proudly family-operated.

Since the 1970s, our partnership with independent travel professionals has been vital to this success. Our MTravel hosting program has  become the gold standard in the industry, partnering with over 500 travel agents and agencies nationwide. Each program and service we  create is based chiefly on the feedback we receive from our agents, allowing us to provide a truly personalized, progressive hosting program  for agents of all experience levels.

Our company culture is devoted to a deeply supportive, family-focused environment. Starting your own travel agency is a uniquely personal experience, and we work tirelessly to tailor our support to the needs of our agents. Cultivating long-term success for each individual is the lifeblood of our program – and some of our travel agents have been with us for over 25 years!

Montrose Travel remains one of the healthiest and most respected travel companies in the country today. We are reputable, financially stable and in it for the long haul. Whether you’re brand new or an experienced agent, we welcome any passionate, serious travel entrepreneur to join our family and partake in our shared success.