The First Three Things You Should Do After Joining a Host Agency

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel So you’ve joined a host agency—congratulations! You have officially “leveled up” and are well on your way to turning your travel obsession into a full-fledged career. With hope, by this point you’ve already completed some of the preliminary groundwork: interviewed a couple of different hosting options (we hope MTravel Continue Reading

Preferred Suppliers: Why Getting to Know Them Should be Top Priority

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel Last week we explored the thrilling world of preferred suppliers and how they impact your wallet. With the promise of a fabulous travel experience for your client and higher commissions for you, getting to know your host agency’s preferred suppliers is a requisite, not an option. There’s a lot Continue Reading

What’s the Deal With “Preferred Suppliers”?

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel In your search for the best host agency, you may have stumbled across the term preferred suppliers or preferred vendors. You also may have wondered, “what the heck is that?” or perhaps the understandable “don’t care—just tell me about what kind of commission I’ll make.” But that’s exactly what Continue Reading

Avoiding Burnout When You Own Your Own Travel Business

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel This month, we entered a fresh chapter at MTravel: the passing of the MTravel wand from our fearless leader Andi Mysza to new champion Salv Silvera. As Andi made her retirement speech before friends and family across the travel industry, she left us with a poignant truth: find purpose Continue Reading

MTravel Wins Prestigious “Best Host Agency” Award

Host agency division of Corporate Travel Management – North America, MTravel, named “Best Host Agency. MTravel Hosting Services is delighted to have received an esteemed accolade for its contribution to the travel industry. The host agency division of Corporate Travel Management, North America, has been named ‘Best Host Agency’ by SOCAL ASTA, the American Society Continue Reading

Starting an Independent Travel Agency: LLC vs. Sole Proprietorship

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel Starting an independent travel agency takes guts—but when it comes to figuring out your business structure, things can get tricky. I just love travel and inspiring others to see the world, you might be saying. I don’t want to deal with all this legal/financial/taxes stuff! While we applaud your Continue Reading

Boost Your Summer Travel Bookings by Gearing up This Spring

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel Spring break is over and the Easter/Passover holidays are, too. Yet, we guarantee that hard-working folks all over the country are already thinking about where they’re traveling to this summer. Last-minute bookings are a very real thing and a fantastic opportunity for the independent travel professional who’s poised to Continue Reading

Changing Niches as an Independent Travel Professional

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel MTravel has been helping independent travel professionals build their own business for many decades—nearly 50, to be precise. In that time, we’ve seen unique perspectives on success and how to get there, especially from our more experienced travel professionals. And while deciding on a travel niche (or if you Continue Reading

3 Red Flags Your Host Agency Isn’t Reputable

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel As the concept of starting an independent travel business caught on in the last couple of decades, host agencies began to mushroom across the United States. Among them were a few like MTravel who had years of reputable hosting experience. Others—sometimes referred to as card mills—made hosting seem like Continue Reading

Top Industry News Outlets Travel Agents Should Be Following

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel Starting your own travel agency consumes plenty of time and energy, and often leaves some basic tasks undone. Staying on top of top industry news outlets for travel agents rarely even makes it on to the “to-do” list. The thing is, regular consumption of industry news gives you a Continue Reading

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