By Emily Peters
Contributing Writer

This month, we entered a fresh chapter at MTravel: the passing of the MTravel wand from our fearless leader Andi Mysza to new champion Salv Silvera. As Andi made her retirement speech before friends and family across the travel industry, she left us with a poignant truth: find purpose in your work.

But whether you’re ten days into your career as an independent travel professional or ten years, it’s easy to get lost in the details. Thriving in this business requires an authentic love for the art of travel and a rock-solid work ethic.

What can you do to make sure you’re not overwhelmed and throw in the towel too soon?

Make trust a priority. 

When you’re self-employed, no one but you is going to hold you accountable—and that’s what makes your peers, host agency and supplier partners so critical.

If you’re going to spend the energy to create professional relationships, choose wisely. Select vendors with excellent reputations. Align with a host agency that shares your business ethics. Network with peers who have likewise found purpose in their work as travel professionals.

When you can trust the people who fuel your travel business, you will avoid chaotic situations, keep your clients happy and keep more money in your pocket. You’ll have support during the lean years and knowledge bullpen for those times you lack answers. If you have professional relationships now that keep you up at night, don’t be afraid to walk away. Surround yourself with the best!

Help does not equal helplessness.

Many travel professionals, even when they have a reputable host agency like MTravel, don’t ask for help. They’ll spend hours online looking for answers before picking up the phone to call their host’s support team. They’ll go back and forth with a supplier for days instead of asking their host to intervene. Why?

Sometimes we view our need for help as a nuisance. Perhaps we view it as a reflection of our travel knowledge. But not asking for help when it’s readily available to you is a direct flight to Burnout-ville.

MTravel has hosted independent travel professionals for more than 45 years, and that didn’t happen without help. By always been open to learn new skills, we’ve been able to establish a host agency that can now pour that very same wisdom into a new generation of travel rock stars. So cut yourself from slack. Your time is too precious to waste on hours of fruitless research or circular conversations with suppliers. MTravel’s support team can show you success shortcuts to keep you not just afloat, but thriving.

Experience your own value.

Too often the travel you’ve got slated is for a FAM trip, a conference with your host agency (like this one, perhaps?), leading a group—sound familiar?

Allow yourself to travel again for the pure pleasure of it. What’s more, we have an extra avoid-burnout challenge for you: let someone else do the planning. We know relinquishing control is an anathema to the skilled travel professional, but this industry accommodates many spectacular agents, many of whom are hosted with MTravel itself.

When you’re ready to take a legitimate break and aren’t worried about net rates or commissions, turn the reins over to a fellow travel peer and let them pamper you like they would any other client. Not only will it be a great refresher on the value your profession brings to others, it’ll give you some much needed mental rest.

What other ways do you avoid burnout as an independent travel professional? Let us know—and good selling!

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