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By Emily Peters
Contributing Writer
Montrose Travel

Becoming a home based travel business is exponentially easier when you’ve found the right host agency partner. A reputable host meets so many needs, and provide a deeply knowledgeable circle of travel professionals for when agents need support. When researching your host agency options, explore some of these resources to gather the information you need to join the right host for you.

The host agency’s website.
Seems like a no-brainer, but if you found a host through a landing page, online ad or simply through the grapevine, chances are you need to fill in some gaps. Equip yourself and really pore over the host’s website for details on basics: services and tools included, costs and commission splits.

The host agency’s social media accounts.
Is the host on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn? Does the host use a blog to share info and updates? Take a glimpse at these sites to see how the host communicates with the world.

PATH for Hosts
PATH stands for Professional Association of Travel Hosts. Its members are the top-level U.S. host agencies whose operation and values align with specific requirements to become a PATH approved host. Use PATH to get a quick breakdown of the most reputable host agencies in the industry.

Host Agency Reviews and Find A Host Travel Agency.
Host Agency Reviews and Find A Host Travel Agency are the Yelps of the host agency world, providing a wealth of testimonials from people who’ve actually joined and worked with a host agency.

Both sites are run by travel industry veterans with deep insight into how host agencies work as well as the challenges and triumphs of running your own travel agency. P.S. MTravel (not to brag, or anything) is a featured agency with a 5-star rating on both sites—an accomplishment of which we’re very thankful and proud to have achieved.

Better Business Bureau
Now that you’ve narrowed down your favorite host agency options (with MTravel among them, we hope!), check with the BBB and see how they rank, from A+ to F. You can see how the BBB defines its rankings here. Pay attention to high rankings as well as how the business has handled complaints.

Interviewing the host agency.
Chemistry means a lot when it comes to choosing the right business partner. Set up a phone call and use these interview questions to get a clear picture of the people you’ll be working with on a daily basis.

Hearing from agents who are currently with the host agency is one of the best resources you can ask for. If you’re new to travel, ask to speak with an agent with less than a year of experience to understand how the host supports budding learners. If you’re experienced, connect with other veterans who will understand the needs of your business. Connecting with referrals will go a long way towards helping you eliminate poor host agency choices and get feedback potential future peers.

We hope your find these resources helpful for researching the best host agency for you. Need a little more guidance? Reach out to the MTravel gang to learn more!

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