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Regardless of the size or scope of your business, now is the time for independent travel advisors and independent travel firms to prepare to support a confident & comfortable return to travel for your clients.

During this time of immense change, the role of the advisor will be even more prominent in helping clients make decisions about travel. While travelers will be tasked with choosing for themselves when and how they will return to travel, those who look to an advisor for support and information, will return to travel as confident and comfortable as you, the advisor, are prepared.

To help you prepare for the post-COVID return to travel, the following travel readiness advice is designed to drive future-proofed strategies to help you deliver solutions for today’s new challenges.

Reviewing key resources, supplier policies and consortia offerings are at the top of the list to ensure the stability of the service you offer. Keeping informed about client assets – future cruise credits, unused tickets, etc. – and letting your clients know as book-by deadlines approach will also support the service you offer and may even help generate future bookings during this slow period.

As domestic and international borders begin safely reopening to travelers, it is more important than ever that advisors not only refresh their knowledge of existing resources but of any new resources, like MTravel’s GeoRisk Hub, that support up-to-date travel advice and risk information.

As risk and safety will be top of mind for most travelers, understanding and being able to share in-depth, real-time travel advice, will speak volumes to any client.

For IC’s with MTravel Hosting Services, GeoRisk Hub acts as a centralized access point to both country and state-level risk information through interactive map, and restriction, health and COVID specific wellness information through trip-based search.

Your ability to provide real-time, accurate travel advice, not only supports the professionalism of your role as a travel advisor, but more importantly, your ability to continually  deliver to your clients’ needs (no matter the circumstances!).

In looking ahead to what post-pandemic travel may look like, updating your knowledge of supplier safety and cleanliness protocols will serve to help travelers feel safe and overall boost traveler confidence.


MTravel Host Travel Readiness

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