Boost Your Summer Travel Bookings by Gearing up This Spring

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel Spring break is over and the Easter/Passover holidays are, too. Yet, we guarantee that hard-working folks all over the country are already thinking about where they’re traveling to this summer. Last-minute bookings are a very real thing and a fantastic opportunity for the independent travel professional who’s poised to Continue Reading

Changing Niches as an Independent Travel Professional

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel MTravel has been helping independent travel professionals build their own business for many decades—nearly 50, to be precise. In that time, we’ve seen unique perspectives on success and how to get there, especially from our more experienced travel professionals. And while deciding on a travel niche (or if you Continue Reading

3 Red Flags Your Host Agency Isn’t Reputable

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel As the concept of starting an independent travel business caught on in the last couple of decades, host agencies began to mushroom across the United States. Among them were a few like MTravel who had years of reputable hosting experience. Others—sometimes referred to as card mills—made hosting seem like Continue Reading

Top Industry News Outlets Travel Agents Should Be Following

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel Starting your own travel agency consumes plenty of time and energy, and often leaves some basic tasks undone. Staying on top of top industry news outlets for travel agents rarely even makes it on to the “to-do” list. The thing is, regular consumption of industry news gives you a Continue Reading

The Soft Sell vs. Hard Sell – Which to Use as a Travel Professional

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel Recently, we’ve been chatting about close tactics, like using the latest travel news to get your clients out the door. But how pushy should you be? How often should a travel agent take “no” or “later” as an answer? The Soft Sell At MTravel, we regularly speak with individuals Continue Reading

How to Use Travel News to Close More Sales

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel A wise salesperson listens to their customer to glean knowledge for future use. When they sense the moment is right, they strike—and pocket the cash. As a travel professional, successfully booking a trip is all about that balance. Different clients require different closing tactics, and that means you can’t Continue Reading

When It Comes to Joining a Host Agency, You Have Little to Lose

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel Let us paint a picture: travel is constantly on your mind. If you’re not already talking about the next place you’d like to visit, you’re devising ways to work it into your next conversation. You daydream about quitting your day job and getting involved in your true love, travel, Continue Reading

How Host Agencies Save You Money

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel With the rising expenses of owning and operating a travel agency, host agencies offer an abundance of ways to save you money and maximize your bottom line. Whether you’re new to the travel agency or a seasoned veteran, partnering with a host agency can be one of the savviest Continue Reading

How to Handle Changes at Your Host Agency

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel Change is not only inevitable, it’s beneficial. And while change or transitions at your host agency can leave you feeling insecure, there’s much you can do to better handle change when it comes to your professional life as a travel advisor. Head to the source Host agencies operate like Continue Reading

Leveraging the Power of Social Media Influencers to Boost Your Travel Business

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel   Hey there, independent travel advisor: What have you done for your travel company’s social media presence lately? Before you answer, keep in mind that we know how time consuming social media can be. If it’s not already part of your daily routine, it can feel good to leave Continue Reading

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