Handling Negative Reviews for Your Travel Agency

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel Marketing your independent travel business through social media seems like an obvious choice—until your first irate customer decides to post a review. All of the sudden, Facebook, Yelp and more can seem like weapons of mass destruction hell-bent on destroying your agency. Face it: we all drop the ball. Continue Reading

5 Destinations to Renew Your Spirits This Fall 2017

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer Montrose Travel As we curve into the latter part of 2017, it’s natural for your travel clients to feel stressed. From global political tensions to pending holiday hassles, the time is ripe to invest in a little mental health. Before the year gets more hectic, here’s our list of the Continue Reading

How to Tell You’re Ready to Partner With a Host Agency

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer Montrose Travel Raise your hand if you + Sunday night = total next-day dread. For some hard-working people across the nation, Mondays are little more than a weekly reminder of what they’re not doing: pursuing their dream career. And if you’re reading this, chances are your dream career is to Continue Reading

Need Marketing Help? Go With a Winning Host Agency

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer Montrose Travel Earlier this year, the Montrose Travel family was thrilled to win the 2017 TravelAge West Wave Trendsetter Award for Best Targeted Marketing Idea. The TravelAge West Wave awards recognize the “best of the best” in the travel industry, giving travel professionals the opportunity to vote for those who Continue Reading

Safety Tips for International Travel

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer Montrose Travel As we touched upon recently, we believe that travel has the power to bring people together rather than pull them apart. As we navigate an era plagued with safety concerns, it can be tempting to convert your next vacation to a staycation. Yet as we’ve canvassed before, hiding Continue Reading

Every Travel Agent Needs to be Selling Mexico

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer Montrose Travel Mexico has been on the receiving end of a lot drama the last several years. Reports of violence and crime have interrupted potential vacationers’ plans, taking their tourism dollars with them. Even some travel specialist have been hesitant to recommend the country as a top destination—but more than Continue Reading

The Results Are in For Jump Start LIVE!—And We’re Thrilled

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer Montrose Travel In the spring of 2017, MTravel launched Jump Start LIVE!, a three-day, intensive training boot camp to help beginner agents get their travel agency off to a stellar start. It’s a concept we’ve been chewing on for years, and 2017 turned out to be the perfect time to Continue Reading

MTravel’s 2017 Annual Educational Conference—The Best One Yet?

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer Montrose Travel Almost a decade ago, MTravel introduced our Annual Educational Conference to our small but growing group of independent travel professionals. We boarded a ship with the intent to learn from each other, bond with our preferred supplier partners, explore a new destination and return home as savvier travel Continue Reading

3 Must-See All-Inclusive Resorts in Los Cabos, Mexico

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer Montrose Travel Baja California Sur: part of a peninsula encircled by the Pacific and the romantically-titled Sea of Cortez. A bit confusing to those unfamiliar with the area, it’s not part of California but is actually the smallest state in Mexico. And at the very foot of the peninsula you’ll Continue Reading

The Secret to Immediately Becoming a Better Independent Travel Professional

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer Montrose Travel At dinner the other night with colleagues, we discussed why some people are more successful than others. We explored many theories, but they all possessed a common thread: confidence. Fake-it-til-you-make-it can seem like a dangerous course of action for some, especially if you’re new to the travel industry. Continue Reading

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