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Regardless of the size or scope of your business, now is the time for independent travel advisors and independent travel firms to prepare to support a confident & comfortable return to travel for your clients. During this time of immense change, the role of the advisor will be even more prominent in helping clients make Continue Reading

Forming Community as an Independent Travel Professional

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel Isolation is one pitfall to the otherwise incredible experience of being self-employed. If you feel that way, you’re ironically not alone in your isolation—a recent study has shown that nearly half of self-employed people feel lonely since going solo. Bottom line: even independent travel professionals with day job still Continue Reading

Using Facebook Advertising to Boost Your Travel Business

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel Ah, Facebook. As an independent travel professional with a Facebook page, you may have noticed that your engagement taking a hit as of 2018. If so, it’s not your imagination. Facebook changed up its algorithm once again this year in order to give Facebook users a “more meaningful” experience—which Continue Reading

What Exactly CAN Travelers Carry on to Flights These Days?

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel Perhaps you’ve recently heard about the new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations that certain amounts of powder will no longer be able to fly under the radar in your carry-on luggage. That’s right folks: for international flights headed to the United States, as of June 30, 2018 your spices, Continue Reading

How to Make Travel Conferences Work for You

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel The doors are still open to attend MTravel’s Annual Educational Conference this October 18-22, 2018, and we’re getting increasingly excited about this unusual destination for us. It’s a swing for our attendees, too—and while we’ve recently highlighted what makes Atlanta a city to watch for travel agents in 2018, Continue Reading

3 Passive Aggressive Ways to Deal With Friends/Family Who Don’t Book With You (And 1 Way That Isn’t)

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel It’s probably one of the most common complaints we hear from our independent travel professionals: “My cousin/best friend/uncle knows I own a travel business, but they just booked a trip with Costco!” Sound familiar? If so, then you’re not alone—but we also know that finding polite (and effective) ways Continue Reading

Turns Out, You Might Not Need to Go to Travel School

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel “Should I attend travel school?” It’s a question we hear at MTravel a lot. Even in an era where hosting has become one of the most stable and effective means of building an independent travel business, it can be confusing as to whether you’ll need travel school before you Continue Reading

Unexpected Summer Getaways for Your Travel Client

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel It may be cooler in other parts of the country, but MTravel is based in Los Angeles and that means we’re only nominally waiting for “summer” to begin. And because our hometown is an international tourist destination itself, we’ve developed a deep appreciation for nearby summer vacation spots that Continue Reading

Is MTravel’s Conference for Independent Travel Professionals Worth It?

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel In 2008, MTravel launched its first conference designed specifically for independent travel professionals (also called home based travel agents). Though we had been helping people launch their own travel companies for decades, we had never gathered together with content that address their unique challenges and strengths. Fast-forward ten years Continue Reading

Why You Should Be Paying Attention to Atlanta

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel In October 2018, MTravel will be switching things up and bringing our Annual Educational Conference back to the States. As our most highly rated professional development event for independent travel professionals, we like to choose a new location every year to broaden our agents’ understanding and appreciation of new Continue Reading

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