10 Ways to Make Your Travel Clients Feel Extra-Special

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer Montrose Travel In high school, standing out was the last thing we wanted to do. As independent travel professionals, standing out is a lot like professional development: it’s not optional. Competing against OTAs (Online Travel Companies) is a constant reality, as even the most successful travel professionals contend with clients Continue Reading

A Guide to Upselling Cruises

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel We’ve been there: hours of work building an itinerary outfitted with everything the client asked for—only to find out they’ve got caviar taste on a tuna fish budget. Selling cruises can be incredibly profitable, but difficult to upsell, particularly for those who have never cruised or booked with a Continue Reading

What Does it Cost to Start a Travel Agency?

By Emily Peters and Guest Author from Rollinglobe Contributing Writer MTravel Earlier this year, we performed a little exercise to show you could start your own travel business for under $600. That article took a look at basics like supplies, hosting fees and the like. Today we’re breaking down the ugly business of licensing, insurance Continue Reading

How Much Do Travel Agents Earn?

By Emily Peters and Guest Author from Rollinglobe Contributing Writer MTravel It’s time to answer the big question—how much do travel agents really earn? Like all industries, the answer varies according to the client, the trip, and one key element: you. Let’s break it down. Commission. As an independent travel professional, your first few years will Continue Reading

4th Quarter Travel Agency Health Check-up

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel In the spring, we ran down a second quarter checklist to determine the health of your independent travel agency. As 2018 looms, it’s the perfect time to ask yourself: will you hit your 2017 goals? In this home stretch into the 4th quarter of the calendar year, use this Continue Reading

Spooky Halloween Destinations To Thrill Your Travelers

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel Halloween—it’s supposed to be fun, right? But if we had to guess, your travel clients are probably knee deep in kid costume prep or considering whether they’ll run out of candy for this year’s round of trick-or-treaters. Now’s your chance to remind them that there’s plenty of spine-tingling pleasure Continue Reading

How to Inspire Wanderlust

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel We bet you’ve been there: the Land of Excuses. Clients who avoid your calls, dodge your questions about their next trip or are simply non-responsive. We can’t blame them; general day-to-day costs, pending holiday expenses and more can make travel seem like an impossibility. Luckily, we’re here to help Continue Reading

How You Can Help After Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria

  By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel Hurricane season is always a gamble, but 2017 has been particularly brutal. Since the season began, the Atlantic has whipped up no fewer than 21 tropical storms—but Harvey, Irma and Maria have shaken us to the core. For travel professionals in particular, it’s gut-wrenching to see locations we Continue Reading

6 Tips to Improve Your Travel Agency’s Email Marketing

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel Question: how many independent travel professionals, when thinking about their advertising tactics, have said the following about email marketing? Email marketing is passe! People’s inboxes are saturated and they don’t need another email from me! We suspect this is what you’re really saying: Email marketing is time consuming, confusing Continue Reading

Value-Add Tips for Your Travel Agency

By Emily Peters Contributing Writer MTravel Hosting Services As solo-preneurs, we’ve all been there: competing against the Goliath of our chosen field. When you’re an independent travel company, it can be hard to stay relevant among the giants in the travel industry. So what kind of value-adds can you offer as a travel agency to Continue Reading

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