Corporate Agent Commissions and Fees

MTravel is a full-service travel management company and has the tools and buying power to equip you as a corporate travel manager to compete with larger companies. Unlike many of our competitors who offer convoluted pricing models with phantom financial returns that transfer the risk of their agency’s profitability to you, our fee structure is simple, straightforward, and risk-free.

We have the ability to work with you on a transactional or monthly management fee model. No two corporate opportunities are alike and we will work with you to meet your needs.


Corporate Program Models and Fees

 Effective 2/1/2015

Commission Split

Transaction Model
Monthly Management Fee
Hotel, Car Rental, Mark-up, Service Fee, and Preferred Leisure Suppliers
Non-Preferred Leisure Suppliers
Commissionable Airfare
Travel Insurance  50-90%
Consolidator Mark-up  50%
Individual Leisure or Group Bookings referred to Montrose Travel 10%
Vacation/Sick Coverage 10%

Fees and Inclusions

Transaction Model
Monthly Management Fee
Any account size
Accounts over $500K+
Initial Annual Fee
$299 – $599
Annual Renewal Fee
$259 -$559
Partner/Employee – 1x fee
(operates under the same account # as the primary agent)
Sub-Agent Annual Fee
(operates under a different account # from the primary agent)
Monthly fee N/A
Based on account size
Apollo GDS (connecting via Terminal Server) $15/month + $180 1x Terminal Server license fee
Apollo training Variable based on need
 Variable based on need
Air tickets – Apollo Users $13 fee to MTravel for any total service fee of $50 or less; 50%/50% for any total service fee $51+
Air Ticket booked through MTravel via phone $25-$35
Group air tickets (non-Apollo Users  set up the block space airline
contract and Montrose Travel issues the tickets for you)
Groups – assisted by MTravel personnel Negotiable
Debit memo fee
Refund, exchange or void
Bounced check $50
Background check fee for Apollo user (if not done in conjunction with joining MTravel) $100
Apollo non-use disconnect fee
24 Hour Emergency Service
(charges below only incurred when using 3rd party service, not when working with MTravel Support Team)
  • Per call
  • Issue new e-ticket (per ticket)
  • Exchange (per ticket)
Personalized phone, online and email support Included
One-on-one mentoring Included
Accounting Included
Errors & Omissions Insurance Included
Ongoing training and educational opportunities Included
Marketing tools Included
Suite of reservation management and quality control technology Included
Management reports $50/mo
Custom reports requested by IC $25/hour
Online corporate self-booking tools – Concur Travel and Deem@Work Variable based on account volume
Included (implementation fee applies)
Expense reporting technology


Un-used ticket management


Agent Connex back office portal Included
Travel 2 Destination, Hotel and Cruise Guides Included
Private Labeled Consumer Website for Leisure Bookings Included
Additional leisure products/tools Included
Referred account One lump sum payment equal to 10% times the
1st 6 months total net commissions* generated


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