I have really enjoyed being a part of Montrose so far and feel very much supported!  If I have had any questions/concerns, I have always been able to reach someone by phone or email to help me!  Thank you!

April L.
Magic Minus the Mayhem
Jill Mross

“Having done the public relations for Ensemble Travel Group for the last 10+ years, it’s been very exciting to see your agency continue to grow and succeed in such a highly competitive business. And, while you offer popular products and services and programs for your customers, what really makes you successful comes down to the people and your family environment. So it’s no surprise that your celebration is not some fancy-schmancy gala but a down-home, laid-back celebration where everyone, including the kiddos, are part of the fun.”

Jill Mross
President, JFM Public Relations (Ensemble Travel)

“Yesterday  I received the most unexpected heartwarming card signed by you and many others there. I can’t even begin to tell you how much it meant, and how much it touched my heart. Thank you so very much! You’re all truly a wonderful bunch and I’m so excited to be among such beautiful people.”

Sharon H.
Hollenbeck Travel
Christopher R.

“Unlike my experiences with other hosts, I felt safe, respected and valued as a prospective independent. The other hosts I interviewed with left me feeling like a number, not a person. I may have joined Montrose Travel as an “independent” but what I got was a family.”

Christopher R.
Center Stage Travel Agency
Lori P.

“I have been in the travel industry for over 24 years, and can’t say enough about Montrose. They are truly professional and dedicated to your success. There is always someone available to help whether it is group travel, air tickets, that special hotel in Rome…you name it, I’ve always gotten support whenever I’ve needed it. With Montrose you are a ‘person’, not just one of the thousands.”

Lori P.
Kensington Cruises
Enid L.

“Everything we know we learned from Montrose – directly on their in-depth Agent Connex Support Site, web-seminars, supplier seminars and their ever-ready support staff. We find Andi and her staff most supportive, encouraging and patient with us. We appreciate their integrity, work ethics and knowledge. Through their clout with major suppliers and alliance with Ensemble Travel, our clients find our prices extremely competitive, and they are impressed with Montrose Travel’s solidity in the industry.”

Enid L.
Mia A.

“Have I mentioned how fantastic Montrose has treated my agency? I am comforted to know I’ve finally found a host agency with heart and integrity.”

Mia A.
Mia Anderson Travel
Gwinn C.

“I am very happy I made the choice to join the MTravel team. I am making more money than I did with my former host agency due to the excellent training, training opportunities, support and one/one counseling sessions that Montrose has provided. I am becoming a GREAT travel professional with Montrose as my mentor!”

Gwiin C.
Memorable Moments Travel
Supplier - Vicki Freed - RCCL

I’ve had the privilege to work with Montrose Travel for many years now. They are highly experienced with all facets of travel on the client side. They have an outstanding reputation and they focus on fostering long-term relationships. Royal Caribbean International has complete confidence in the entire team at Montrose Travel.

Vicki Freed
Senior Vice President, Sales, Trade Support and Service, Royal Caribbean International

The Israel Ministry of Tourism Western Region U.S. has had a long and rewarding relationship with Montrose Travel. During these many years, we have come to understand and appreciate the professionalism of their operation and the dedication of their staff and hosted affiliates. In all, the historic foundation of this family-oriented business assures the novice and experienced travel agent that needed resources are available to support all levels of travel sales in a highly ethical business environment.

Scott Feinerman
Director of Clergy and Travel Industry Relations, Israel Ministry of Tourism
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