By Emily Peters
Contributing Writer
Montrose Travel

Mexico has been on the receiving end of a lot drama the last several years. Reports of violence and crime have interrupted potential vacationers’ plans, taking their tourism dollars with them. Even some travel specialist have been hesitant to recommend the country as a top destination—but more than one travel professional agrees it’s unwise to feed the fright.

Despite instances of rough press, the number of tourists visiting Mexico is on the rise. Here the U.S. dollar is uniformly strong, allowing travelers’ budgets to stretch much farther than in destinations with similar amenities. Visitors are also spending more money while they’re there; a good indication of positive travel experiences.

In 2016, the State Department indicated there was zero evidence that U.S. tourists were targets of crime based on their nationality. They also noted that resort towns and popular tourist destinations saw less drug-related violence and crime than other regions.

With no travel advisory in place for areas including Riviera Maya, Cancun, Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, Mexico City and more, some of Mexico’s most popular destinations remain safe and accessible for tourists.

Easy Access

As an international destination, Mexico boasts an unique appeal, especially for U.S. travelers. Its proximity makes flights quick and simple—whether traveling from the west, east or middle of the country, flight times range anywhere from 2.5 to 6 hours to the most popular cities. Visa-free access and a solid tourism infrastructure offers American travelers a blend of stellar accommodations alongside new and refreshing cultural experiences.

Multifaceted Appeal

The country’s beauty is also beyond compare. Mexico’s 5,000 miles of coastline boasts some of the most stunning beaches and islands in the world. Its awe-inspiring archaeological sites, jaw-dropping mountain ranges and desert vistas encapsulate virtually every landscape imaginable—not to mention the healthy showcase of Pre-Hispanic and colonial architecture.

The food is also spectacular, noted as one of the world’s best food cultures by CNN Travel. Thousands of years in the making, Mexican food is deliciously complex, blending Mesoamerican, Spanish, Asian and African influences with indigenous ingredients that will alter your clients’ perception of what “Mexican” food tastes like.

Every Travel Agent Needs to be Selling Mexico

Like any country—even our own—a safe vacation experience begins and ends with practicing common sense. Being aware of your surroundings and belongings, not flaunting wealth, avoiding questionable areas; it’s how all of us should operate regardless of where we travel. Yet the positives of experiencing Mexico—from its natural beauty, to the culture, to the people themselves—blow the negatives out of the water. So don’t be afraid to venture south of the border. Good selling!


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