By Emily Peters
Contributing Writer

Change is not only inevitable, it’s beneficial. And while change or transitions at your host agency can leave you feeling insecure, there’s much you can do to better handle change when it comes to your professional life as a travel advisor.

Head to the source

Host agencies operate like any other business: staff is hired, staff move on, new technology is released, inefficient programs are retired. When major (or minor) shifts occur with your host agency, questions on the best way to move forward may arise. For the best answers, head straight to the source. Your business development support team will provide the most accurate details and help your circumvent vague information heard through the grapevine.

Stay connected

Reputable host agencies like MTravel will use a variety of ways to share information and stay transparent on agency changes, including press releases, blog posts, direct emails, announcements on social media, announcements via an intranet or even direct phone calls. Be active with your host’s social media and communication channels and we guarantee no change will come as a surprise.

Become a beta tester

When MTravel releases new programs, technology and tools for our independent travel professionals, it’s done after a long period of review, beta testing and deep conversations about what’s best for our entrepreneurs as a whole. During this process, we frequently reach out to our most involved peers to help us beta test products to work out the kinks.

Staying connected and communicative with your host will allow you to be immediately identifiable as one of these individuals to get a jump on changes coming down the pike. After all, changes are only as good as the feedback that inspires them!

Become an early adopter

When a host agency announces a change in program, preferred supplier or partnership, it can be tough to get on board. Make it a 2018 resolution to become an “early adopter”—committed to being one of the first to learn about the change and see ways to implement that change into your business.
The early adopter attitude will not only help you push past your comfort zone as a travel professional, it will also position you as an expert in respect to that program, relationship or partnership—which can set you a notch above your competition.

Trust your peers and your past

For longstanding host agencies like MTravel, we’ve weathered plenty of storms in the travel industry. From slashed airline commissions to 9/11 to the advent of the internet, it doesn’t stand to reason that travel advisors should prevail—yet here we are, in the midst of one of the most impressive comebacks in the professional arena.

So when changes occur with your host agency, take heart. You and your travel peers are part of this movement. With MTravel, we have not just 45+ years of hosting experience under our belt, but more than 60 years of experience selling travel, period. Our roots are deep and our expertise extensive (because of you!). So dig in, look ahead, and don’t forget to turn to your travel peers and friends for support in times of change. Good selling!


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