By Emily Peters
Contributing Writer

The doors are still open to attend MTravel’s Annual Educational Conference this October 18-22, 2018, and we’re getting increasingly excited about this unusual destination for us.

It’s a swing for our attendees, too—and while we’ve recently highlighted what makes Atlanta a city to watch for travel agents in 2018, it’s also the perfect time to reevaluate how to get the most out of a travel conference as a whole.

Reviewing the agenda.

Well before you board the plane or hop in the car, whip out the conference agenda and highlight the sessions that pertain directly to your business. If there are session tracks, choose the ones that challenge you the most. Not sure how to choose? Make a list of your professional strengths and weaknesses and align from there.

Give and take.

You’re putting your hard-earned time, money and energy into attending a travel conference, so of course you want to come away with as much new knowledge as possible. But don’t forget what you represent to others. Being available to newbie travel professionals or those seeking to break into your niche fuels a supportive community. You get what you give, so don’t forget that you can learn just as much by being a mentor as you can as a student.

Find your five.

Enter into every conference with five outcomes you want from the event. It could be to connect with a potential mentor, gain more supplier contacts, explore a new marketing tactic or more. Whatever they are, make them actionable—not so broad that you can never accomplish them—but enough to push you outside of your professional and personal comfort zone.

Establish accountability.

This is a big one. Whether it’s a fellow independent travel professional or a member of your host agency’s support staff, let someone in on your Five. Ask them to check in on you quarterly to keep you accountable with those actionable goals. If you keep them to yourself, it’s too easy to renege on them later.

Have fun.

Wake up early to catch the sunrise in a new location. Take a new friend out for a drink. If there’s a dance floor, step out onto it (if only for a moment!). Relax and remember that the beauty of self-employment as a travel professional is that your job is FUN. Travel makes people happy, and you should partake of that happiness as often as you can. So when the classes are over, grab buddies new and old and make sure that you have a blast at your conference. You’ve earned it!

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