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By Emily Peters
Contributing Writer

A wise salesperson listens to their customer to glean knowledge for future use. When they sense the moment is right, they strike—and pocket the cash.

As a travel professional, successfully booking a trip is all about that balance. Different clients require different closing tactics, and that means you can’t (or rather, shouldn’t) ply them with the same approach to get them to say yes to the trip.

So how to customize your sales tactics? Staying abreast of the latest travel news can weigh heavily in your favor, helping you to close more sales.

Segment Your Travel News

The type of travel news you consume should mirror your approach to marketing to your clients: segment everything. For example, if the majority of your travelers are millennials, your daily reading should reflect that demographic by following outlets like Buzzfeed Travel, HuffPost travel and key travel, food and lifestyle gurus on social media. The better you understand what content your clients are exposed to, the better you can speak to their interests and close more sales.

Share Your Travel News

You should be consuming travel news regularly, if not daily, to stay ahead of the pack. As you move through your outlets, select two or three (or more, depending on the variety of clients your prospect list) articles to share with your clients each month.

Once your pieces are selected, send the link along in a personal email and let them know that you thought of them when you stumbled across it. Next, encourage them to reach out to you if they’d like to chat about their next trip. Bonus: if you send them these ideas around pivotal travel booking times like the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations… you get the picture. They’re going to go on vacation whether you suggest it or not, so why not start the conversation and close that sale for yourself?

Leverage Your Travel News

When clients reach out to you, they’re not looking for the trip you booked for your last client—they want something tailored to their unique travel style.

Moreover, if you’re unaware of the latest developments with airlines, cruises, hotels, tour companies and destinations, how can you properly curate the right travel experience for them?

No one can be omniscient, but again, this is where segmenting your news consumption comes in. If you’ve been digging into news arenas that reflect the travel styles of your particular audience, you’ll be armed and ready with the latest info. That’s a tactic that’ll set you apart, not only from outdated or unreliable info on the internet, but from mediocre travel professionals who neglect their own industry.

So, the next time you’re connecting with a client, don’t forget to bring up news that can sway your them to close the trip today, not tomorrow. Is their favorite airline opening up a new direct route to a popular destination? Has a resort recently completed renovations with amenities that are right up their alley? You won’t know unless you’re using travel news to your advantage—so get reading, and get closing!

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