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By Emily Peters
Contributing Writer

In 2008, MTravel launched its first conference designed specifically for independent travel professionals (also called home based travel agents). Though we had been helping people launch their own travel companies for decades, we had never gathered together with content that address their unique challenges and strengths. Fast-forward ten years and it’s become our best-attended and most highly rated event—and for good reason.

Don’t get us wrong—investing in attending a conference is a big decision. You’re choosing to dip into your hard-won earnings and take time away from your clients, family and possibly even a day job to attend. So how can you make sure it’s worth your time?

It’s what the pros do

We’ve been hosting a long time and are fortunate to have agents who have chosen to stay with MTravel for going on 30 years. Attending the Annual Educational Conference remains their #1 recommended training that all MTravel affiliates attend—especially those who are new to hosting, the travel industry or MTravel as a whole. With so many years of experience under their belt, we take their recommendations seriously—and you should, too.

The information is extremely timely

All of the content from MTravel’s conference is actually guided by input from YOU—our independent travel professionals. In addition, all the suppliers in attendance customize their content according to MTravel’s booking trends, their latest products and even to different experience levels of MTravel attendees.

Unlike what can happens at some of larger travel industry conferences, the curriculum isn’t recycled from past events. You’re getting the latest information AND a chance to become an early adopter of new programs, training opportunities and booking tools. That gives you an edge over your competitors that’s absolutely worth exploring.

The proof is in the commission

A few years back we took a look at the earnings of agents who attended our conferences vs. those who didn’t—and we noticed a big difference. For preferred supplier sales, agents who attend MTravel’s conferences sell approximately 30-40% MORE than their less educated peers. If that’s not worth it, we don’t know what is.

You get the edge by getting face time

Your MTravel team is physically present at our conferences: the people who answer your phones, respond to your emails and create which programs, tools and services we introduce. Attending the conference allows you to connect with these individuals and have a more vocal say in MTravel’s development—like when we introduced our 90% commission level and leads program, all of which were directly impacted by your feedback. This is your chance to stand up to the mic and be heard in a big way.

Your future success relies on ongoing education

In the words of Malcolm X, “Education is the passport to the future—for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” MTravel’s Annual Educational Conference is the ultimate “me-time” for your travel business, and gives us a chance to deepen personal connections with you and become intimately invested in your success. Every year you continue to attend reinforces that investment, resulting in the best hosting experience for you.

So yes: if you take yourself seriously as a travel professional, attending MTravel’s Annual Educational Conference is worth it. Sign up now while there’s still space and get ready for your best sales year yet!


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