Local Agent Program for Local Agency Owners

Montrose Travel in Montrose, CA

Attention agency owners! Whether specializing in leisure, corporate or a mix, you didn’t get in the travel business to do ARC reports, handle accounting, pay rent and deal with unproductive employees. With our Local Agent program, you can move your business to Montrose, retain your clients and top producers, affiliate with us and increase your profitability. Imagine having the ability to eliminate your biggest headaches: and make more money. With Montrose Travel, you can sleep better knowing these headaches are over.

If you own your own travel business, live near Los Angeles, CA and would like to work in an office environment, we’d love to discuss options for moving in with us. With our program, you continue to own and operate your own company under your own business name. We simply absorb your overhead and increase your personal income. The formula works. Just ask those who have already joined us.

Montrose Travel owns four beautiful buildings in the peaceful little town of Montrose (near Glendale, California). Our expansion over the years and investment in real estate enables us to provide space to independent contractors driving over $250,000 in annual gross sales. (If you sell less volume or don’t live in the area, be sure to check out our Home-Based Agent program).

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