’s Web Booking Technology gives you a fully functioning website that combines the most sophisticated technology and all published and most deeply discounted inventory available. Your site will automatically refresh as new versions, products or specials become available.


  • GDS full function
  • Travel options for air, car, hotel, cruise, tour, insurance, shore excursions, and client profiles
  • Complete transaction reporting for booking, sales, and commission
  • Ability to search for hotels using a map of the city
  • Spell-checking for all manual-entry fields (e.g. “Atlnta” is converted to “Atlanta”)
  • Translation of city and airline codes
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) exporting features
  • Ability for Montrose Travel to notify you of people wanting to join your email list
  • Links to information services for weather, airport information, etc.

System Travel Options

Security & Control
The security and control features include:

  • Data Encryption Standard (DES) for encrypting all user and agent information.
  • All servers are firewall-protected.

Friendly Graphical User Interface
Provides the capability for a user who is not trained on a professional travel reservations system to reserve travel components. This process is accomplished by providing user-friendly help screens and by converting plain-language input into the syntax understood by the reservations systems. Departure City, Arrival City and Date Form appear on the first travel page.

Then the computer presents the user with Hotel, Car, Airline, Cruise, and Tour Options/Suggestions. A dynamic “Please Wait” logo and YOUR LOGO with rotating text messages will appear to assure the client that searches are being created.

User Profiles
This function allows the user to register with the service and includes the allocation of a unique user ID and password for each user. At the time of registration, the user specifies his or her personal details and billing information. Multiple credit cards can be entered for later use when making a booking. The user profile also supports the addition of passenger information and preferences for seating, meals, and frequent-flyer numbers for up to nine passengers per itinerary.

At the time of booking, the user can sign in to retrieve details that will be added automatically to the itinerary. The user also can retrieve, display, update, and save profile information at any time. The system gives users the option to be notified for special fares, newsletters, etc.

Flight Availability
Upon the completion of an input form (which lists departure and destination cities, along with the preferred travel dates and times, carrier, and class of service), the user is presented with available flights. A flight can be added to the itinerary or a booking can be requested.

Build Itinerary from Availability
After the user selects his or her desired flights by moving from each flight availability screen, the system tracks selections and builds an itinerary.

City/Airport Name/Code Conversions
The user can enter city and airport names normally. The system provides name-to-code conversions via data in its local database and will prompt with a choice if more than one city has the same or a similar name. The user can press on hyperlinked airport codes that, when clicked, display the full city name. The system also repairs any misspelled city reference and provides the user with a selection of all airports within an 80-mile radius of the city.

Price a Completed Itinerary
After completion of flight selection, the user can ask the system to price the itinerary. The system builds a PNR on the reservation system, requests pricing, and displays the price and a full copy of the itinerary.

Best Fare Shopping
The system uses the capabilities of the host system to seek out the lowest priced fare and seat availability for the itinerary, based on the class within the cabin selected. Net, contracted, and opaque fares also can be displayed and booked by the consumer.

Save It!
The user can keep a record of the itinerary without making any reservation or holding inventory on the host system. This function stores the itinerary on the system server for later retrieval, when the itinerary must be re-priced against the host system.

Display and Retrieve an Itinerary
The user can log in with his or her user ID and password at any time to retrieve reservations, and can cancel or book the itinerary.

Book Itinerary
A priced itinerary or a retrieved reservation can be booked by selecting this option. At this point, the billing and frequent-flyer information will be entered or retrieved from the user’s profile and the credit-card authorization will be run. The PNR is then queued for processing depending on the fulfillment option selected. The “My Itinerary” feature allows you to store and view flights, hotels, cruises, tours, and car rentals you have booked and those that you have searched for but not booked.

Itinerary Summary Page
This page displays a list of all the flights, hotels rooms, cruises, tours, and car rentals you have booked and all the products you have searched for and added to your itinerary. By using the individual book links, you can select any flight, hotel room, car rental, cruise, tour, or a group of flights to book individual items in an itinerary. You then have the option to delete your selection by using the delete link. You can also delete a flight, hotel room, or car rental using the delete link.

This page displays the details of your selected flights from which you can then:

  • Review details;
  • Book a flight, a hotel room, cruise, tour package, or car rental; and
  • Review or change passenger billing address.

The Personal Itinerary Page also shows you the booking reference number for booked flights.

Adding to your itinerary
You have the option to add a flight, hotel room, cruise, tour, or car rental to your itinerary by clicking the “add to itinerary” button when it is displayed. When something is booked, it is added automatically to the itinerary you’ve created.

Display Details
All Availability and Itinerary display screens include a hyperlink that, when clicked, will retrieve and display the flight, hotel, cruise, or car rental details, such as duration, amenities, activities, stopover times, and meals.

Display Fare Rules
All priced itineraries include hyperlinks that, when clicked, display the fare rules associated with the itinerary.

Multiple Currencies
The system can support multiple currencies by relying on the use of terminal addresses allocated on the host reservations system being set up with pseudo-city codes (office ID) and required associated currencies. If it is determined that the user should be quoted in, for example UK£, from either the user’s home currency, departure point, or other determining factor, the requests to the host access server will be made with a terminal address pool. This terminal address pool would have agent assembly areas assigned to a specific office ID with a default currency of UK£. The system also will support the euro. Any consumer entering the site from a country that has an assigned currency will be set automatically to that currency.

Credit-Card Validation
The system validates credit cards and checks the card name against address, using the functionality provided by the host reservation system.

Special Fares
The system supports non-published fares through the private-fares database capabilities provided by the host. This allows us to publish fares in an online database for which an agreement number assigns access. Fares may include percentage discount, flat rate, and net-net fares. The presentation of fares can be conditioned by the system and would automatically select the appropriate fare for that location. Where a special fare is not available, the system is programmed to default to published fares.

E-Ticket Support
The system supports e-ticketing as it is supported by the host GDS and individual airline CRS. Functions can include a special notice to the purchaser to highlight the availability of e-ticketing where applicable, and to offer the choice between e-ticketing and regular paper ticketing.

Complex Itineraries
The system allows the traveler to construct an itinerary using point-to-point, open-jaw, and round-the-world ticketing, and will price the complete journey.

The system provides your clients with direct access to cruise vacations and pricing 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can book and pay for their cruise right from your web site. If desired, your customers also have the ability to request that an agent from your office contact them for more information about a cruise they have found on your site. The engine offers one of the most extensive content databases, with over 2,000 ship, cabin, and deck plan images, plus a detailed, informative Port Guide. manages and displays special cruise fares using the integrated cruise specials engine. You’ll be able to search by cruise line, cruise ship, destination, date range, embarkation port, and port of call.

  • Access to 22 cruise lines — 11 electronically and three more soon.
  • Real-time cabin category availability
  • Best available cabin displays
  • Deck plan layouts, cabin configurations and photos
  • Dining/seating options
  • Port of call information
  • Immediate confirmation from the cruise line

Supplier “Deals”
Our approach centers around the difference between shopping and booking; two very different consumer tasks. We offer a travel shopping system that helps consumers shop and research travel offers, and helps you market travel products in a variety of ways. We specify the appropriate consumer call-to-action, driving the consumer directly to you for booking, or directly to an online booking engine to check availability and book.

Car Bookings
The system provides reservations capability for cars using the inventory hosted by the major global distribution systems, and it can provide a seamless interface directly to car-rental reservations systems. When car reservations are made after an airline reservation, the system automatically “picks up” the arrival and departure dates in the airline itinerary.

Hotel Bookings
The system provides hotel reservations capability using the published fare inventory hosted by the major global distribution systems (GDS’s), net rate, merchant model inventory from (IAN), and Montrose Travel’s own corporate rate, negotiated and discounted inventory. It can provide a seamless interface directly to hotel reservations systems. When a hotel reservation is made after an airline reservation, the system automatically “picks up” the arrival and departure dates in the airline itinerary. The search engine is based on a proprietary worldwide database of latitude and longitude for all cities and points of interest that can be drilled down with the use of an interactive map, city center, ZIP Code, or airport.

Destination Info
Destination information is available throughout the site.