By Emily Peters
Contributing Writer
Montrose Travel

Raise your hand if you + Sunday night = total next-day dread. For some hard-working people across the nation, Mondays are little more than a weekly reminder of what they’re not doing: pursuing their dream career. And if you’re reading this, chances are your dream career is to start your own travel agency.

So what about those people who don’t dread Mondays? What can we learn from those who are actually excited to begin their day?
And how can you tell if you’re ready—just maybe—to partner with a host agency like MTravel and become a self-employed travel professional?
Read on.

You’ve stopped researching
This might sound counter-intuitive, but there might be a very obvious reason you’re no longer spending every evening just before bed plowing through host agency reviews. Most entrepreneurs have an insatiable appetite for information, but they’re also decisive. When they’ve collected enough data for them to make an informed decision, there’s no reason to delay action. A decreased need to research may be a sign that you have everything you need to take the leap and join a host agency.

You’ve had multiple conversations with different hosts
Absolutely nothing can adequately replace the impact of a one-on-one conversation with a potential host agency. At MTravel, we typically recommend that you narrow down your host agency selection to two or three, then set up times to connect with each one. If you’ve had a chance to probe the depths of their programs and get a feel for the personalities behind the phone (or better yet, in person), you’re wonderfully close to beginning your host agency relationship.

Your digital assets and online presence already exist
Logo ideas. A Facebook travel page (or existing following). A travel blog. A domain name that reflects your unique travel savvy. Securing these assets goes a long way towards defining your brand, both online and off…and is a sign you’re ready to take the next step.

Your close friends and family have weighed in
Starting a business—especially when working with a partner like a host agency—is a gutsy move. Talking over the details of which host agencies you’re considering with a friend or family member can affirm which one you feel the most strongly about. If you’ve sought another’s wisdom on partnering with a host, it means you’re taking your interest seriously enough to let someone in on your plans. It all indicates an intent to move forward.

Your brain won’t shut up about it
Voraciously gobbling up travel news. Constantly asking others about their upcoming travel plans. Endlessly adding to your list of destinations to see. Asking your accountant about the difference between sole proprietor and LLC. Volunteering your time to help plan your friend’s next big trip—just because you love the process so much! All of these are signs that your desire to start your own travel agency is not a passing fancy. So why not reach out to MTravel today to partner with us as a host agency? You might be on the cusp of loving Sunday nights once again. Let’s get the ball rolling!

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