By Emily Peters
Contributing Writer

So you’ve joined a host agency—congratulations! You have officially “leveled up” and are well on your way to turning your travel obsession into a full-fledged career.

With hope, by this point you’ve already completed some of the preliminary groundwork: interviewed a couple of different hosting options (we hope MTravel was among them!), picked out your business name, perhaps even started working on a logo. But if you’re feeling a bit lost on the journey, never fear: the first three things you should do after joining a host agency will help quell those nerves.

Thing #1: Read ALL of the incoming from your new host agency: TWICE.

When a new travel professional joins the MTravel family, the first thing we do is send their Welcome Email and reach out to them via phone. As our travel professionals hail from all over the country, its essential that we open lines of communication with them as quickly as possible to make sure they feel comfortable, confident and know about their available resources.

The emails are particularly important. If we can’t immediately get a hold of our new friends, the Welcome Email contains vital information on their account, upcoming training, support resources and most importantly, next steps. If you skim (or even skip!) over this information, you’ll cheat yourself out of a headstart and wind up spending hours digging around for information unnecessarily. Read the emails—then read them again. You’ll probably have follow up questions.

Which leads us to….

Thing #2: Get to know your support team ASAP

The level of support you have access to as an independent travel professional is a critical to choosing the right host agency. Too little and you’ll wonder what you’re paying a host agency for. Too much and a year from now you’ll be just as much of a beginner as ever. The key to your success is partnership: the balance between excellent support and independent sufficiency.

So schedule a call with your new support team right way—within the first week. Get your initial questions answered and tell them about your goals for your first few months. Don’t have any yet? They can help develop a game plan to maximize your time. Get to know these individuals by name. Know their business hours and where you can find after-hours information when you’re trolling the internet at 3:00 am.

And if your support team can’t give you those answers, might we suggest giving MTravel a call? ;-)

Thing #3: Sign up for training.

What, you may ask? Sign up for training? Before I’ve selected my business name, designed my logo, purchased a domain name for my travel website? Yes, yes and yes.

MTravel’s Jump Start Training Series walks you through the first several weeks of starting your travel business. Invaluable not just for new agents but experienced ones, too, the training provides vital tips to inform decisions like selecting a business name, designing a logo and much more.

Sometimes, we’re so eager to begin work with our first travel client that we fail to give ourselves the best shot at success. Reputable host agencies like MTravel sink hundreds of hours into developing their training curriculum to ensure their agents don’t waste their time, money or energy unnecessarily.

So curb your enthusiasm and submit yourself to a few hours of training before making any major decisions in regards to your travel business. You’ll come away enriched, enabled and more confident to take on that first traveler. Good Selling!


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