By Emily Peters
Contributing Writer

Over the holidays this past month, a friend of ours mentioned that when she was young, her mother used New Year’s Day as a chance to purge their entire home of unnecessary stuff. Her rationale? There’s no reason to wait until spring when a new year is on your doorstep.

It’s 2018 and the time is ripe to apply this tactic to your travel business. Forget long-term resolutions—here are a few things you can purge in your travel business right now to start the new year off right.

Delete apps you haven’t used in 6 months.

Your smartphone is your lifeline—don’t weigh it down with needless apps. Get rid of the ones you never use to free up space, minimize app clutter on your home screen and bump up the speed of your phone.

Upload your pictures to the cloud.

We really get it—you’re a travel professional, and you use your phone to take pictures of everything from your latest FAM trip to ship inspection. They don’t need to be stored on your phone. From Dropbox to Google Dive to iCloud—pick your poison, upload those puppies and free up space for the next trip. You’ll still be able to access them easily through (actually useful) apps.

Get rid of all those business cards.

It’s 2018 and you don’t need to hold on to these anymore. Scan them with an app, store them on your comp, cloud or both, and toss the hard copies.

Remove your travel contacts’ bounced email addresses out of your email lists.

MTravel offers a free CRM that allows you to store your client data and send out targeted blast emails—but you know the old adage: garbage in, garbage out. If you have clients who have opted out of your emails, update their profiles with accurate emails or remove them from your email lists. No need to waste precious sends on junky email addresses. Tip: don’t delete their profiles completely—just don’t keep emailing to faulty addresses!

Recycle unused electronics such as wires, power cords, old laptops, printers, fax machines, phones, etc. that you don’t use. Check your local city hall to see where you can donate the items—then treat yourself to a coffee afterwards, because we all know we’re a bit lazy when it comes to having to leave the house to recycle.

Toss last year’s preferred supplier list and commission splits.

It’s super important to keep your preferred supplier list and its corresponding commission splits up-to-date. MTravel updates the list regularly and posts on our intranet, Agent Connex—so grab the latest info and keep it front and center so you’re always maximizing your bottom line.

Plus, you’ll have the latest information on all of your preferred supplier reps, so you won’t waste time either reaching out to those who have moved companies or scrambling to find updated emails/phone numbers in an emergency. Pro tip: if any of your BDM information has changed, be sure to update your contacts in your email server as well as your cell phone to keep things consistent.

Clean up your social media presence.

Are you on multiple platforms? Is your branding, logo, contact information, etc. consistent across the board? Are there platforms you haven’t used all year? Dump them. You can always revive them if it makes sense from a marketing standpoint, but a limp online presence isn’t doing you any favors.

Archive old emails.

Trust us, we know how hard it is to part with your precious emails—pertinent traveler information could be in there! Again, either store that info in the cloud or archive any emails older than 6 months to free up space. If you use Outlook, you can even export your email folders and store them offline on your desktop. Can’t you feel the mental clutter melting away at the prospect of a clean inbox?

P.S. If the traveler info is pertinent, don’t rely on emails to store it!

We think our friend’s mom was on to something! What else would you add to the list to give your travel business a new year purge? Let us know and good selling for 2018!


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