By Emily Peters
Contributing Writer

Starting your own travel agency consumes plenty of time and energy, and often leaves some basic tasks undone. Staying on top of top industry news outlets for travel agents rarely even makes it on to the “to-do” list.

The thing is, regular consumption of industry news gives you a competitive edge, nudging you far past those agents who fail to stay informed about the latest supplier and destination developments. To whet your news appetite, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top industry news outlets that travel agents should be following.

Travel Trade News Outlets

These trade outlets discuss the travel biz from the travel professional’s point of view, providing keen insight on subjects like FAMs, commissions, rebating and others that would be unfamiliar territory for your average traveler. Keep the following outlets in your rotation:

Secondary Trade Outlets

These outlets are tailored for the independent travel professional, and frequently offer well-researched articles on topics that directly impact the home based travel agent.

Travel Consumer News Outlets

Consumer outlets showcase the side of the travel and tourism industry that your clients get to see. Staying in the know with a few helps you diversify your expertise and better understand what appeals to varied demographics in your client list.

Travel Blogs and Travel Personalities

The measure of a travel blogger or travel personality is subjective—not everyone is going to float your boat. Yet following a few bloggers not only keeps your travel inspiration fresh, it can offer a varying point of view that isn’t hell-bent on selling you something. A few favorites to consider:

And there are loads more where that comes from! So don’t wait for pertinent information to fall into your lap—pursue it by selecting a few of these top industry news outlets to feed your brain. Your wallet will thank you for it—but more on that in next week’s post!


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