By Emily Peters
Contributing Writer

Few things are as addicting as setting foot on foreign soil. Although independent travel professionals get to experience their fair share of new lands, you only get to so many before someone asks us to prepare an adventure in a country you know nothing about.

Never fear, intrepid travel counselor. We recently compiled a handy list of popular tourism board specialist programs for travel agents—and we’re back at it again today for part 2.



We’ve got a tender spot in our hearts for MTravel’s home state of California. Becoming a “California Star” with this specialist program fills your cup to overflowing with manifold benefits, including a digital sales toolbox to make selling California a snap. With plenty of free high-quality photos, videos, interactive maps and other digital assets paired with broad knowledge of the golden state, you’ll be selling the magic in no time. Learn more here.



Our neighbor to the north is making it easier than ever to navigate its stunning provinces with their Canada Specialist Program developed by the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC). The program keeps things interesting with interactive modules complete with downloadable itineraries, e-newsletter and e-brochure templates, reduced travel rates, a listing on— and of course a certificate of completion. Learn more here.


New Zealand

Rated as the world’s safest destination second only to Iceland, New Zealand is offers your clients a peculiar mix of old-world traditions, new-world attitudes and the exotic vistas of the South Pacific. Their tourism board offers their 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Program free of charge, complete with FAM opportunities, preferential listing on, sales tools and marketing collateral. Learn more here.


South Africa

Fueled by the country’s tourism motto of “inspiring new ways,” South Africa offers a two-part destination specialist program to provide a 360° view of this country of water, mountain and savanna. The SA Specialist Essentials program (to be completed within 90 days of your start date) preps you with in-depth knowledge about South African attractions, whereas the SA Specialist: Experiences gives you an a la carte approach to dive into experiences with no time limit to learn. Learn more here.



With its bucket-list worthy cities of Madrid, Barcelona and others regularly making best-of lists year over year, Spain isn’t going anywhere in terms of popularity. Expand your expertise with Spain’s 360 Expert Program to learn more about Spanish culture, regions and popular attractions. Agents also have the option to complete specialist modules on Madrid, Catalonia and Valencia—which, upon completion, result in a certificate of expertise by the Spanish government. Not a bad accolade to impress your clients with! Learn more here.

Ready for more? Stay tuned for the next batch of tourism board specialist programs for travel agents right here on the MTravel blog and let us know which ones you like best. Good selling!


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