By Emily Peters
Contributing Writer

In October 2018, MTravel will be switching things up and bringing our Annual Educational Conference back to the States. As our most highly rated professional development event for independent travel professionals, we like to choose a new location every year to broaden our agents’ understanding and appreciation of new destinations—which has led to a lot of people wondering, “why Atlanta?”

It’s in the top 4 for a reason

Atlanta is one of the top 4 meeting destinations in the entire United States! Accommodating more than 100 million travelers every year, Atlanta is quite literally the world’s stomping ground, with Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport within a 2-hour flight to 80% of the U.S. Home of Delta Airlines, supremely walkable, rife with amenity-laden hotels and the headquarters for multiple Fortune 500 companies, Atlanta is thriving—which means it should absolutely be on your radar as a travel professional.

It’s enjoying renewed pop-cultural relevance

From Donald Glover’s Emmy-award winning show “Atlanta” to the surge in popularity of Georgia-bred musical acts like Migos and Childish Gambino to the mind-boggling number of movies filmed in the city (more than California!), Atlanta has long since fixed its relevance in the entertainment arena. And with some of music’s biggest acts including Atlanta in their tour locations in 2018, the city serves as an excellent destination for the music lovers in your prospect list.

It’s part of the Civil Rights Trail

This fascinating new way to see the United States is gaining notice as an ideal tour option for lovers of history, politics and everything in-between. With Atlanta as the birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, the city sits at the beginning or end of a path that winds through Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. If you’re looking to recommend something incredibly unique to your travelers this year, Atlanta could and should be at the top of the list.

It’s cuisine is still a (kind of) hidden culinary gem

We should have known Atlanta was hiding foodie greatness when it gave us Top Chef’s Kevin Gillespie and Richard Blais (who’s now even a judge on the show!). Perfect for clients who love to let food steer their travel decisions, Atlanta’s food scene has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, snatching the attention of the New York Times and Zagat as one of the most exciting food cities in the U.S. Even with deep Southern flavors that you’d have to literally be soulless not to enjoy, chefs are taking modern risks at multiple new restaurants popping up around Atlanta’s that you should try yourself—so you can give your pleasure-seeking clients recommendations worth salivating over.

It’s unexpectedly beautiful

If you’ve never been there, then you can’t know how gorgeous the state of Georgia is—and Atlanta is the perfect gateway. From the retreat-like grounds of Lullwater Nature Reserve to emerald-green wineries to stunning swamps (yes, swamps!) full of alligators and cranes, Georgia is truly a sight to behold. To leave the area unexperienced is to cheat your clients out of a travel experience that is, in many ways, still unspoilt by unbearable tourism.

All these reasons and more inspired us to choose Atlanta as the perfect location for MTravel’s 2018 Annual Educational Conference. So what are you waiting for? Contact us to sign up today and join us down south this autumn!


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